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PAN, PANL, Film Producers Association of Newfoundland, Producer


Springwater Productions was founded in February of 1998. Its stated goal was to produce series for television along with documentaries for the regional and national Canadian market. It has produced a total of nine documentaries which have aired on BRAVO!. national CBC and the French channel RDI in St. Pierre & Miquelon. Its first documentary, Joined at the Heart was aired on BRAVO! and won the People's Choice Award at the Nickel Film Festival. Springwater's third documentary, I Remain Your Loving Son, was nominated in the History Category at Hot Docs in Toronto and won a bronze medal at the Columbus International Film Festival in Ohio.


Springwater Productions has produced nine television series. Three seasons of Breaking Ground and two seasons of Homegrown alternatively appeared on both regional CBC & NTV television stations. The series The Art of Art aired on both community channels Rogers & Eastlink.

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