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NIFCO is a post-production facility that can deliver to any broadcaster or distributor a fully compliant, QC’d master file, DCP or tape. 4k, UHD, 2k, HD, SD… stereo or 5.1 surround sound… Closed Captioned and with Descriptive Video.

NIFCO Overview


All of NIFCO’s picture and sound editing suites are connected to a DDP media-sharing network. This allows all editing workstations to share access to any piece of digitized media and project data, increasing productivity and easing workflow throughout the post-production process. The colour grading suites have their own dedicated media server for 4k and; UHD playback.

NIFCO can put footage or film in the cloud with an automated system to ingest, transcode, upload, distribute and archive your camera original files, secure and encrypted.

NIFCO provides the services of a staff colourist, and full time in-house technical support.

A complete sound team – editors, mixers, foley artist and ADR/Foley recordist can be included in NIFCO quoting or can be contracted directly by the production company.


NIFCO Overview
Picture Suites

NIFCO Picture Suites

MISTIKA – Finishing and Grading

DaVinci Resolve - Colour Correction

AVID Symphony - Editing & Mastering

Audio Suites

 NIFCO Audio Suites

5.1 Surround Sound Mix Studio

The David Pope Studio: Foley/ADR/VO Recording Studio

PRO-TOOLS audio editing suites dedicated to dialogue and Sound FX.

Other Services
Machine Rooms

 Other Services

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) – for theatrical presentation

Closed Captioning - EIA-708 and 608 standards.

Descriptive Video - Full service including transcript and delivered audio tracks for mastering.

BLU-RAY and DVD - Authoring and Duplication

Transcode and file conversions - upload to the web or cloud

Machine Rooms

NIFCO’s machine rooms have a patching system that can access any piece of equipment in the facility, with any of the following formats for ingest and/or mastering:


• Digital Betacam • Betacam SX • Betacam SP • DVCAM • DV

• DVD • BLU-RAY • S-VHS • VHS (yes VHS!)

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